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The Independence House mission is to monitor and manage offenders in both residential and non-residential environments, aligning them with treatment and vocational resources to best equip them for eventual community release. The safety of the public at large is paramount. Independence House is committed to taking the time and effort to best ensure this trusted responsibility.

Residential Overview
Independence House (IH) operates three residential community correction centers and three out-patient treatment centers. The Independence House administration and staff continue to provide quality service to the corrections population in the Denver Metro area. In 2007, Independence House was responsible for supervising approximately 1850 clients in Residential and Non-Residential/Out-Patient who are required to abide by standards set forth by the Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ), the Alcohol and Drug Administration of Denver (ADAD), the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), the Department of Corrections (DOC), Adult and Juvenile County and Judicial Probation, and Denver Adult Community Corrections.   Read More...
Out-Patient Overview
Independence House (IH) Out-Patient program is an approved by the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division of Colorado (ADAD) to provide drug and alcohol treatment. We provide treatment and services to numerous criminal justice, social service, and community based entities in the State of Colorado. Also, as an Approved Treatment Provider for the Colorado Department of Corrections and Intensive Supervision Program services, Independence House Out-Patient services a wide population of Adult Inmate, Community, and Parolees in the Denver Metro Area. IH has three out-patient centers located throughout the Denver metro area.   Read More...
If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Rose Rodriguez, Chief of Operations at rose.rodriguez@comcast.net.